XanredcoatFox and Lion Bread Company is a micro bakery focused on creating artisan breads using the finest local ingredients.

I learned how to bake bread over 30 years ago from my father Gary. We baked mostly dinner rolls and my proudest moments were when I would get to punch down the dough.

After my first child was born I began experimenting with naturally fermented breads. My loaves went from flat rocks to delicious loaves as I learned how different variations produced vastly different results.

As I studied more about this type of artisan bread I became more and more fascinated by the process. As you ferment breads naturally for long periods of time the breads are easier to digest and the flavors are deep and subtle.

Fox and Lion is a tribute to my two family names, DeVoss and Levine. As artisan breads have a long history with regards to community and family, it is important to me to use bread to create cultural ties that bridge community and family heritage.

It is my hope that by producing wholesome breads for my community that this will be the catalyst for my neighbors to create tradition by “breaking bread” with their families.

Thank you for visiting!

Xan DeVoss