August updates, milling, new pickup in Mission/Bernal SF and Mugsy Pop UP

Today’s Bread is a cracked grain soaker with Sonora white wheat, rye, and barley from Grass Valley Grains.  Grass Valley Grains is a one man operation, Reed Hamilton is growing grain in Placerville and milling at his mill in Grass Valley. Reed mills with a stone mill and all flours are 100% intact meaning that the whole grain is milled together rather than milled separate and recombined later.  This makes his flour very nutritious and flavorful.  Sonora white wheat is oldest type of wheat grown in the bay area and is making a comeback with this loaf! I am soaking the rough bran that I have sifted out when milling for the days bake and adding that mixture back to the dough.  This way all of the grain is complete but the sharp edges of the bran don’t cut the dough preventing the final rise in the oven.

New Pick up location! Visit and let your friends know about my new location at Cafe St. Jorge at the crossroads of Mission and Bernal Heights. Get a great coffee from Stumptown and delicious Portuguese style pastries!

Save the date for a the 3rd on Third Market August 15th 5-7pm, this is located at 4634 3rd Street  in the Bayview, SF  and  Mugsy Wine Bar Pop Up August 16th at El Rio 3158 Mission St from 5:30-7pm.

Cafe St. Jorge pickup

Cafe St. Jorge pickup

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