Daily Candy article and Bread Box update

Here is the Daily Candy article that came out last Friday!
In a couple of weeks I plan to open a concept store called Bread Box within Merch at 629 Haight St. SF. The Bread Box will be able to hold all of the subscription breads as well as hold a good amount of bread for retail. I will be at the Box doing bread tastings in the afternoons so stay tuned for updates. Here is a picture of one of my drawings for the Bread Box.

Bread Box

Drawing for the Bread Box concept store at Merch SF. Lower Haight.










Below is the Merch pick up as it is now with the subscription box filled with breads.  Each bread has the subscribers name on it and a note inside describing that weeks bread.

Merch SF pick up, Lower Haight

Merch SF pick up, Lower Haight